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Thursday, July 11, 2013

13 Benefits of Sex - You Must Know

Sex, the word itself triggers fantasy and pleasurable idea in your mind.  Sex being an important part of our life, but in some communities’ sex is a thing which is not openly discussed. Everyone knows that sex is pleasurable and fun thing, but besides pleasure and fun sex has health aspect too. Researchers found that sex impacts our physical and mental health in several ways.

Scientists show that sex is extremely useful and needed for our health, whereas the lack of an energetic sex life may have negative effects. However an excessive amount of sex will be harmful, more than thrice a week it can weaken the immune system, making us vulnerable to infections. Sex affects our health in following manner:

  • Our mental and emotional health balance is clearly influenced by sex. Abstinence is thought to cause from anxiety to psychosis and depression... In fact, just in case of sunshine depressions, once having sex the brain releases endorphins, which decrease stress, causation a state of high spirits.

  • Sex is a beauty care. Whereas having sex, an adult female body doubles the steroid level, and this makes her hair shine and therefore the skin becomes softer due to which the female looks younger as compared to her original age.

  • Sweating while performing sexual activities, cleanse the skin pores, creating the skin brighter and decreasing the chance of developing eczema.

  • Sex helps to burn fat. We burns all that fat and carbohydrates from the romantic dinner. A sex session will burn more than 150 calories of fat, while this is done by running for about 10-15 kms.

  • Sex strengthens our muscles.  Excess running and workout may create problems like pain and cramp in muscles. But sex doesn’t create such problem and infact it helps to revitalize your mood and mind. And it's clearly lots and lot of fun than running for miles.

  • Sex sharpens our senses.

  • Sex is additionally a pain reliever, 10 times simpler than typical pain killers. These chemicals calm pain, from a minor headache to inflammatory disease or migraines, and with no side effects.  

  • As much of kissing to your partner on daily basis, the less you need to visits to dentist. Kissing cleanses food left between the teeth and lowers the acidity within the mouth.

  • An honest sex session will be an honest remedy against stiff nose, being a natural antihistaminic that helps combating respiratory disorder and high fever.

  • Having sex often drops the cholesterol level.

  • Sex is not only useful for the heart, but also for the blood circulation, particularly within the brain, as a result of the enhanced rate and deep respiration.

  • Sex ends up in a more robust management of the bladder, by strengthening the pelvis muscles having control over the flow of urine.

  • Sex fights cancer.

The above mentioned are some of the health benefits of sex, besides this sex also have several aspects which needs to be explored and you can get information about it over internet, easily.  I hope this information help you to understand the importance of sex for our health.

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