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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Male Impotence Psychological Causes

Male impotence is a common sexual problem that many men suffer from all around the world.  Sources for this disorder can differentiate from physical to psychological. Physical causes can be somehow balanced but psychological causes are difficult to control. In most of the cases of male sexual impotence there seem to be emotional issues which can seriously affect self-esteem as the relations of an individual and they can even preserve sexual male impotence.

Lot of men can blame themselves for their sexual impotence even if it is caused by physical problems or conditions over which they don’t have enough control. It is well known that about 10% to 20% of the cases of male sexual impotence reported all around the world are determined by psychological causes. These cases deserve to have all the attention that is possible to give them. 

Risk factors that may lead to a male sexual impotence of psychological source embody anxiety, depression, stress, pain, and feeling of guilt, a very low self-confidence, and fatigue. Circumstances and Conflictive problems can develop in a couple relationship and they can also affect male sexual performance. Although, common cause can be the pain caused by the loss of someone very dear.

Psychological causes for male impotence varied such as disorders caused due to depression, stress and anxiety. These causes are among the most common and the easiest to diagnose. There is a variety of causes that can have their origin on a religious education on which sex was seen as something sinful and bad that had to be repressed.

Economic problems, Working problems, family issues and excessive concerns lead to leave aside sex until interest for sexual life becomes empty. Few of the causes of male impotence can emerge as a consequence of not feeling interest at all for the partner; they can have their source on an everyday bad relationship or to the lack of sexual stimuli that get to irritate sexual arousal which is important to have an effective erection. In other cases, there can be a good relationship with the partner and yet male impotence is present caused by feelings of guilt toward partner as a consequence of some deception.

Occasionally, male sexual impotence can have its source on a reduced self-confidence, fear to failure, and when the man experiences a fear of not being able of fully satisfying their partner, it can also because of the fear of having intimacy with other person. It is necessary to talk with a specialist on sexual problems to discard every possible physical cause so the individual can concentrate on identifying the psychological cause to work on it. Proper diagnosis will include complete medical history and a detailed interrogation of the patient in search for the source.

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